Gluten-Free Diet: Benefits & Risks

2022-06-01 0 Por ljxih

Gluten can be a dietary irritant for lots of people, triggering uncomfortable gastric symptoms such as cramps, gas and diarrhoea. Thankfully, the gluten-free diet is a fairly simple one to follow, with plenty of gluten-free alternatives available to buy in supermarkets and more and more restaurants offering gluten-free meal options for those who can’t digest it. 

While gluten sensitivity can be uncomfortable, celiac disease is an autoimmune condition  that can have a huge impact on overall health. For those with celiac disease, even tiny traces of gluten caused by cross contamination via shared equipment can trigger symptoms. As such, a gluten-free diet for celiacs might be a stricter affair than those with gluten sensitivity. Eating at restaurants may involve asking that gluten-free food is prepared completely separately with sterile equipment, and gluten-free products made in factories that manage other products containing gluten might be a no-go.

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