One Step From Eden: Every Character

One Step From Eden: Every Character

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One Step From Eden is a hard game. It takes the slick card-battling grid combat of Mega Man Battle Network and injects it with distilled Rogue essence and a smidge of adrenaline. Processing all of these things at once can get more than a little bit overwhelming for newcomers, and even long-toothed veterans from time to time.

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One way to get to grips with the mechanics is to break down some walls. One Step From Eden has 9 characters, each with their own playstyles, so breaking that wall first can certainly help. Not all characters are created equally, and knowing why Reva is a good tank, and why Violette enjoys playing DDR, goes a long way.


One Step From Eden Terra Character Art


Break Terra suffers from a myriad of things that make her awkward to play and generally pretty underwhelming. She is all about breaking tiles with her weapon and her artifact combo into it. Due to how the Break system works, it’s rather inconsistent in execution, and in the early game, it’s pretty hard to setup up effectively. Topping it all off is an odd list of starting spells that, like with everything else, is inconsistent or bad. Break Terra can work, and she can be powerful, she just starts slowly and the payoff isn’t really worth it.


Pyro Terra suffers much the same as Break Terra – too much focus on a mediocre idea. Her gimmick is a bit easier to manage, however, so she’s a smidge more universal. Her kit comes with a bunch of decent fire spells and a Citrine which increases mana regeneration when an enemy takes Flame damage. The issue is, she has very little synergy with the deck she wants to build. All her starting cards are easy to find in the wild, Citrines are common artifacts and her weapon is prohibitively expensive and not very good. Her base mana regen is also pretty low, forcing you to rely on unreliable Flame damage to stay afloat in a fight.


One Step From Eden Reva Character Art


The quintessential tank of One Step From Eden. Shield Reva wants to build shields, and that’s really it. Her artifact builds shield on move, her starting kit is loaded with shield-based skills, and applying your Focus to Phalanx is probably a good idea. The payoff for all of this tank is a mighty spank. Shield throw lets you toss your shield – all of it – at an enemy. If it hits and you catch the rebound, you deal massive damage and your shield is maintained. If you miss, or fail to catch it, all your shield is lost. She is very powerful in the early game and early difficulties, but her damage falls off a cliff once you crank that dial up a few notches.

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Beat Reva, similar to Shield Reva, is a bit too focused on her gimmick, and the gimmick isn’t that good. Beat Reva is all about reflecting attacks back at enemies and her starting kit comes with some self damage…that you can reflect. If you take damage you also deal damage. She’s interesting, powerful, and will kill the shopkeeper with surprising ease, but she doesn’t quite reach that same level of power as other characters.


One Step From Eden Hazel Character Art


Build Hazel is a unique beast that requires a completely different mindset to any other character in One Step From Eden. Her Artifact and weapon synergize with summoning, making her tankier and her summons more damaging. It’s all about placing things in the right place at the right time and hitting it with your wrench. It’s an awful lot of busywork maintaining your summons, and you can absolutely end your own run if you place a summon in the wrong place since Build Hazel can’t remove her own structures. She’s interesting, has some powerful builds, but she’s not that great.


Coming in cold with 0 mana regen as standard and next to no damage output, Teardown Hazel seems like a recipe for disaster. Her power comes from her weapon, thankfully, that instantly destroys structures. When you crump a building you gain max mana and a bonus to your spell power. Considering she comes pre-equipped with a free summonable structure, you can max your mana fairly reliably. In addition, the synergy that comes with Spell Power and Minigun is monstrous. As the game goes on finding more spells to help manage mana will be key, but she offers a unique gameplay blend that can scale nicely into the endgame.


One Step From Eden Gunner Character Art


Manafire Gunner is all about that weapon. Every time it hits, your restore 1 mana. This gives Manafire Gunner a wonderfully high base regen – providing you aim your gun. This kit can lean heavily on nuking things by lobbing spells constantly whilst keeping topped up with gun blasts. If you find a Stop Time, then things get spicy. Her starting spells are also pretty solid, but her artifact is a bit of a dud. She has buckets of potential and is fairly easy to pick up and play.

Bullet Hell

Bullet Hell Gunner is a tale of two Gunners. On standard difficulty, she’s great. Her weapon damage is pretty high and you have time to offset the kit’s limitations before things get too hectic. She is all about her basic weapon attacks and spamming it all day long. Once you jump into higher difficulties, however, enemies start to rock armour. This heavily impacts Bullet Hell Gunner’s damage, and since she starts with only 1 spell and practically 0 mana regen, every run has you so far on the backfoot, that it becomes too difficult to catch up. You can, it’s just not really worth the effort.


One Step From Eden Violette Character Art

Double Time

Violette taxes the meat-computer quite a bit, but the trade-off is astronomical. Her weapon, which is the core of her kit, is fantastic. You pay 1 mana and then can choose from a variety of effects based on your next move. This could be mana restoration, damage, shields, or a pip of Trinity. All of these options are good, and planning how you use each one, and when, whilst synergizing with your spells (ideally Trinity based) can lead to some seriously good runs. Her base mana regen is pretty low, but that’s offset by her weapon nicely.


Aria Violette is another brain bender. As standard she heals a whopping 160 health every fight but also suffers 80 poison. The health gain is still in the black mind you, so even if you take all that poison, you are walking away with a slight heal. Where things get interesting is with her weapon which applies even more poison, resets the poison timer, and buffs your mana regen. Aria’s gameplay, when you are big-braining it, requires a constant internal clock to remind you to reset your poison timer just before that huge stack of poison hits you. Then, you use your newly found mana to cast lots of spells and have some fun. It’s difficult, and not quite as good as Double Time, but it can do work.


One Step From Eden Selicy Character Art


Right off the bat, Frost is one of the more powerful status effects in the game. The ailment is also found on some of the more powerful spells on the list. Worst case scenario, you accidentally apply too much Frost and an enemy takes a huge burst of damage. In the best-case scenario, you utilize Selicy’s weapon to dash to an enemy before you apply too much Frost and deal even more burst damage. When the downside results in massive damage and the upside causes catastrophic damage, you know you’ve got a powerful kit on your hands.

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Invade Selicy is all about getting up close and personal. Her weapon allows her to use the whole battlefield for movement, as opposed to just your side of the grid. Combined with her artifact which grants her bonus mana when moving, she’s quite the force. This makes mobility key when playing Invade Selicy. In terms of decks, she favours tight decks containing a mixture of potent shields and powerful close-range spells, such as Shotgun. She can get in, deal disgusting damage, and get out before anyone even knows she’s there.


One Step From Eden Shiso Character Art


Execute Shiso is hard as nails to play. The kit revolves around Linchpin, his weapon, which scales in damage based on your bank account. Firing your gun costs money, but killing something with your gun nets you a large payout. As the game goes on, Shiso can easily one-shot every enemy in the game, and bosses will go down in about a handful. The catch? It’s painfully slow – like 2 seconds of standing still before you fire a shot, slow. One Step From Eden is fast. Without practice, you will miss, and take buckets of damage trying to pull it off. His early game damage is also pitiful, so he’s a real slow burner. The difference with Shiso when compared to other slow burners, is that the payoff is worth it.


Kunai Shiso is an interesting beast. Smaller decks work well in Eden, but Shiso takes that idea to the extreme. His base kit allows him to generate Kunai for free in a number of ways. His artifact applies stacks of Fragile when using Kunai, increasing Shiso’s damage by 50% at level 1. There are plenty of things you can find in the wild that synergizes with Kunai too, allowing him to scale well despite a basic kunai being a fairly weak cantrip. All you need to do to really make Kunai Shiso work is a bunch of consumable shield and heal spells and ride that Kunai train to victory. He can struggle at higher difficulties, but he’s still a powerhouse.


One Step From Eden Saffron Character Art


Default Saffron might be the first character you play as, but she is no pushover. Her starting kit is very balanced and her weapon is solid. Her real strength comes from her built-in revive, however. Death becomes less meaningful when you can just pop back up and get straight to killing. If you save Reva during the course of your run, you get a second revive, making Default Saffron one of the more forgiving characters to play. She also just so happens to be one of the more powerful ones, purely based on her defensive potential.


Chrono Saffron is one of the most powerful characters in Eden, and it’s got nothing to do with her starting spells – It’s purely her weapon. For 1 measily mana, Saffron can slow time. That’s it. Hit the button, time slows to a crawl and you can unleash all kinds of hell on enemies that become practically stationary. Dodging becomes a breeze too, since you can meander around the grid carefree. A staggeringly good kit that can be built in a number of interesting ways. She even starts with Minigun, which is one of the better starter spells in the game.


Solo Saffron is the nuke of Eden. She has very low health and only one spell. That spell just so happens to be Ragnarock, a 350 damage celestial sword of death. How you build solo is up to you, but leveraging your Focus to nab Switchbait is the easiest path to victory. This essentially gives you two ragnarocks and the damage to murder practically everything instantly. She also gains max HP when killing hostages, so her low starting health can be negated fairly easily. If you want to get really crazy, you can remove Ragnarock and build a fresh deck with 0 chaff.


One Step From Eden Shopkeeper Character Art

One Step From Eden has plenty of powerful characters and kits, but none really compare to the difficult to unlock Shopkeeper. Everything about her kit is amazing to the point where there are no downsides to picking Shopkeeper. Not only does she own the shop, and therefore, she can buy whatever she wants for free, but her health pool is directly linked to her money. Considering you can remove artifacts in One Step From Eden for a low, low price, things get rather interesting. All you’ve got to do is build up a might health pool, remove the debuff and you are set for the run. She takes the cake when it comes to monstrously powerful characters – and rightfully so, she’s also the hardest boss in the game.

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