What is weight training? | Live Science

What is weight training? | Live Science

2022-06-27 0 Por ljxih

Once considered the domain of oiled-up bodybuilders, the growing recognition of the importance of muscular strength, means that weight training is something that we’ve likely all been exposed to, even if only as part of a hybrid-style workout. But just what is weight training and how can you integrate it into your training routine in order to better meet your goals?

Whether you’re looking to simply add some muscular gains into a cardio-based regimen, or find yourself deliberating which are the best adjustable dumbbells (opens in new tab) as you prep for a mass-building programme, weight training is an essential component in maintaining and improving body health.

What is weight training and why is it important?

Woman doing dumbbell curls

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“Weight training, commonly called resistance training, is a method of training used with the view to cause adaptations to the skeletal musculature of the body,” explains Joe McKale, Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach at Taylor’s, one of the UK’s premier strength training gyms. “Resistance can be applied to exercises in numerous ways,” he adds, “the most common of which are by using free weights, resistance machines, using your own bodyweight as resistance, and the best resistance bands (opens in new tab).”

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